22 January 2011
After some years of daytime job work overload, lots of questions from fans, and even more requests for new music and concerts, Wave World has decided it is time for action again. We are just back from a very inspiring pre-production meeting, and we’re pleased to inform all of you that Wave World is back in business.

The most important news is, that fresh plans have been made for finishing our new album – the long awaited double DVD Membrane. Work on the first DVD is almost finished, and a secret concert has been done to test the waters (2009). In the mean time, Waveworld’s Computer Graphics Studio is already working on creating new stunning 3D visuals for the DVD’s… and the next concert series!

Yes, that’r right. Autumn 2011 Wave World will kick of their next tour with a completely new show including all new images plus some amazing new music from Membrane.

Check this website for more information – and for sneak previes of the DVD and the show!


19 November 2009
As some of you will already know, we will release Membrane as a double DVD. Both DVD’s will include music as well as computer graphics.

Membrane will be a departure of the more or less symphonic style of our last album, The Winds of Laax. Both DVD’s will breathe their own atmosphere.

The music on the second DVD will be modern and atmospheric with slow, trance inducing rhythms. Perfect for chill-out and after-parties. Work on this DVD is finished, apart from mixing and mastering, and, of course, the editing of the computer graphics.

The first DVD will have warm, minimal but powerful beats, haunting sequences and spacey synthesizer sounds. The DVD will consist of 8-10 tracks, all danceable, but also perfect for chilling.

Within a couple of weeks, one track from both DVD’s will be posted on this website, so keep checking us!



Ten years ago we started out on a bold adventure, deep into Space. There we found a beautiful, surreal planet, teeming with strange and wonderful life: Wave World.

For years we explored the planet, and then, on the nearby world of Laax, we discovered lost pieces of Wave World’s ancient past – a past that, since countless millennia, had been covered up by design.

We decided it was time for another project, and suddenly we found ourselves on a hazardous trip into a realm full of dangerous new enemies. We left the vast expanses of the macro cosmos behind us and immersed ourselves in the ultimate smallness of micro space, where we found that nothing was what it seemed.

Shrunk to infinitesimals and jeopardized by dust particles, water drops and nano-storms, we stumbled onto new worlds and new life that, in spite of its smallness, was magnificent in its beauty.

Join us on our new journey through Music and Space. Welcome to the world of Membrane...


In realizing our ambitious project, we are investing most of our free time in Wave World. Recent years have taught us, however, that it is next to impossible to implement our ideas because the work is extremely time consuming. Composing the music, developing a show, and especially building and rendering the 3D Computer Graphics, takes much more than we can handle with the modest resources we are able to provide . Since we’re only human, for us too, time is money.

This is why we are starting a special Sponsoring Program for Wave World in 2011.

The easiest way to support Wave World is buying our CD's, DVD's or other products. Our music and films are available in our webshop: or on iTunes and VFR Music

For those who want to do more to help us create the fantastic worlds of the Wave World Universe, though, we are preparing some interesting sponsoring opportunities.

More information coming in the next weeks!






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